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OG Romper in Mint (Presale)

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**This is a PREORDER arriving early November. Keep that in mind when deciding the size you would like** Soft and stretchy organic cotton blend make this short sleeve romper soft, breathable and stretchy. Double protected magnets means it practically dresses itself. Soon to be a staple in any wardrobe this romper is perfect for lounging, adventures, and everything in between.


95% Organic Cotton 5% Spandex

How to Use

When closing the garment simply line up the top magnet, pull the bottom magnet and the garment does the rest of the work! Alternatly, lay the bottom magnets flat against your baby, line the magnets of the top layer up and press together. Either stragety will have your baby dressed in no time!


All of our rompers can be machine washed and dried. Simply close the garment and wash and dry as normal! If you happen to forget this step your romper may stick to the machine but will not cause harm to the machine.