Get ready for the easiest diaper change of your life.

Our magnetic baby rompers are designed with magnetic closures instead of traditional buttons or snaps, making changing your baby's clothes quick and hassle-free.

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    "This magnetic romper has been a GAME CHANGER!! From mealtime to diaper changers it is the easiest on and off piece of clothing for my 18 month old. I wish I would've had it for my older kids!! It's my favorite thing he wears!"

    -Staisha Sheffield

    Mom of 3

  • Great for NICU Baby

    "We love our MagnaWeave!! It is the first thing I put on my son after I do the laundry because it is so quick, convenient, and also so cute! It also helped us so much when he came home from the NICU! All other baby clothes designs I had to put on feet first through the neck because he had so many cords including oxygen- the magnetic design allowed for me to just put him in and he was ready to go! They also make diaper changes quick and easy! Easily one of the best baby purchases we have made!"

    -Jaysa Stratton

  • New Favorite Outfit!

    This is our new favorite outfit! We are hooked!! It is now a staple in my baby's wardrobe as it is so soft and quick to dress her in. The neutral colors are easy to pair with accessories and it washes great!

    -Jessica Morley

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Alpine Romper in BrickAlpine Romper in Brick
  • Safety First

    Safety is our top priority, that is why each of our magnets are double protected- vacuum wrapped in durable plastic and then individually sewn and secured into our organic cotton blend fabric that is soft and breathable on sensitive skin.

  • Made by a mom, for moms

    As a parent we have a lot on our plates. When we have kids running around and a fussy baby fighting a diaper change the last thing we want to do is mess with a bunch of little snaps. Our onsies basically dress themselves making diaper changes and dressing a breeze.

  • Quick and Easy

    Our magnetic rompers could not make wardrobe changes any easier. Simply line up the magnets and they do the rest. Frustration free and fun, you won't know how you lived without them.

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