Learn more about MagnaWeave

-Who is MagnaWeave?

MagnaWeave was founded by Eliza Kamalu, mom of 2 (almost 3). She loved the newborn stage, but hated the endless wardrobe and diaper changes. After she had her second baby she was struggling with post partum depression and knew she needed a creative outlet and something she could do to help others. That is when she decided to start MagnaWeave. Our goal is to help parents breeze through changing time so they can focus on loving their little one. 

-Are Magnets Safe to Wear?

According to the World Health Organization there has been no proven evidence of any harm (or benefits) to wearing magnets. Because the pull of these magnets are so low (don't worry, they are plenty strong to hold together)  there is very little possibility that their pull with have an effect on the human body. If you have more questions about this you can do your own research or email us at support@magnaweave.com for more information. 

-Are Your Magnets A Chocking Hazard?

We take every precaution to insure our magnets are securely attached to the romper. We first wrap them in a 1 inch square of plastic which is then sewn between layers of fabric into a pocket of the romper. Unless your baby is skilled with scissors they cannot access the magnets (even as an adult we were not able to completely detach the magnet from the romper). Check out our reel on Instagram that shows exactly what our magnets look like: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiSt0bvgRLG/

As a parent, look for signs of wear and if you notice holes or rips discontinue use.  

-Where Is MagnaWeave Based?

We are a small, mom-owned business located out of Utah. 

-How do I Wash my Romper?

Simply close your romper and wash and dry as normal! If you happen to forget to close your romper it will likely stick to the sides of the machine but will not cause damage to the machine. 

-What is Your Return Policy?

Full refund within 30 days of your purchase if romper is unwashed and unworn. If there is a defect with your romper reach out to support@magnaweave.com and we will find a solution together.