Why Choose Us?

Have you ever had a diaper change or dressing time that left you feeling like you just competed in a 100M sprint? Babies squirm, roll, kick, and do everything in their power to prevent you from having a quick and easy change. If this is the case for you MagnaWeave is your solution.
1. Magnetic snaps are safe. No more catching sensitive baby skin in zippers or pinching chunky rolls in snaps. Our magnet intensity is such that it poses no health risk to the wearer.                                                                                                 
2. Incredibly fast and easy, just lay the magnets straight and snap them together. They close in a fraction of a second and there is no worry about getting off by one and having to start again.                 
3. Organic cotton blend makes these rompers soft, stretchy, breathable. One touch and you can feel the difference of this quality material, making it so you can use these rompers baby after baby.